Symbiomes: Systems Biology Of Host-Microbiome Interactions, dates and place still to be confirmedSymbiomes: Systems Biology Of Host-Microbiome Interactions, dates and place still to be confirmed

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The conference is supported by:


GSK Group

The GSK group

GSK is  a science-led global healthcare company that research and develop a broad range of innovative products in three primary areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare, with about 100.000 employees in 115 countries worldwide.


GSK in Siena and Rosia

GSK is the only biotechnology company that researches, develops and produces vaccines in Italy. In Siena and Rosia, where are employed more than 2,000 collaborators, there are a global research and development center and a production plant. In 2014 the company has produced over 90 million doses of vaccine, against meningococcus, for children, adults and travellers, destined for 130 different countries.


Nestlé Research Center

With a staff of over 600 people, representing approximately 50 nationalities and a wide range of scientific disciplines, the NRC is at the heart of scientific research and innovation within Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company.  The role of the NRC is to lead food and nutrition research for science-based and consumer-centric solutions to promote nutrition, health and wellness for consumers. 

Through scientific excellence and technical knowledge, Nestlé Research translates science into products, which help fulfil Nestlé’s vision of Good Food, Good Life for all consumers.

To this end, Nestlé is actively studying the human microbiome and its interactions with the host.  The aim is to develop food products that provide microbially mediated health benefits. More specifically, Nestlé’s research focuses on the development of nutritional products containing beneficial microbes (probiotics) and ingredients acting via modulation of the endogenous microbiota (prebiotics).

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