Symbiomes: Systems Biology Of Host-Microbiome Interactions, dates and place still to be confirmedSymbiomes: Systems Biology Of Host-Microbiome Interactions, dates and place still to be confirmed

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Participant guidelines

Arrival, On-Site Registration & Conference Secretariat

Upon arrival, participants should register with the ESF Conference Coordinator, sign the attendance list and collect their name badges and then check in at the hotel reception.

The Conference Coordinator will be present for the duration of the conference, taking care of the administrative aspects and ensure the smooth the day-to-day running of the conference: registration, issuing certificates and receipts, organise excursion and departure buses, etc.

The Conference Coordinator will be at the registration desk half an hour each morning before the meeting starts, during coffee breaks, and before and after each afternoon session.

Registration and Payment

Please confirm your attendance by filling in an online registration form accessible from the conference website.  

Conference fees must be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard) via the online registration form by the registration deadline. A 150 EUR supplement is added if full payment has not been received by the registration deadline.

Payments by bank transfer are accepted only in exceptional circumstances and will be subject to a 10 EUR supplement. Contact the Conference Coordinator for details.

Payments by cash and cheque are not accepted.

Cancellation and Refunds

Should you need to cancel your participation, please contact the Conference Coordinator immediately. If notice of cancellation is received more than two weeks before the conference, all but EUR 100 will be reimbursed. No refund is possible if notice of cancellation is received less than two weeks before the conference.

Extra Expenses

Any expenses not covered by the conference fee (additional nights, beverages, telephone calls, etc.) must be paid directly to the conference venue during your stay.

Board & lodging for accompanying guests (in double room with conferee) must be booked with the Conference Coordinator and paid directly to the venue. Please collect applicable guest fees directly from the venue.

Accompanying guests are not entitled to take part in any of the actual conference activities (attend talks in the conference room, coffee breaks, etc.). Conference facilities, such as access to the internet, are destined for the sole use of conferees.

Travel Contributions

All reimbursements will be made by post-conference bank transfers. If you have been granted a travel contribution, please provide your bank account details – including IBAN and BIC/SWIFT numbers – in the online registration form.

Photocopies of travel tickets must be returned to the ESF Research Conferences Unit within a maximum of one month after the conference. No reimbursement can otherwise be guaranteed.  

Itinerary, price and currency must clearly feature on any ticket. Where no price is indicated on the ticket, the corresponding invoice must be enclosed.

Travel costs may not be higher than:

  •     cheapest economy class air fare
  •     OR second class train fare
  •     OR bus fare from the participant’s place of work to the place of the event or may be the actual cost of travel, whichever is the lower.   

The following may NOT be considered as allowable travel costs and therefore may NOT be presented when claiming the travel contribution:

  •     taxi fares (in exceptional cases, taxi fares may be reimbursed)
  •     local travel in the city or locality of the event
  •     costs of health, life and luggage insurance.   

Use of a private/rented car is covered either on the basis of a 2nd class return train fare documented by a certified travel agent, or on actual mileage according to the ESF coefficient applicable at the time of travel.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Please check your passport and visa requirements with your travel agent BEFORE departure. If you need help to obtain your visa, please contact the ESF Conference Coordinator.


The European Science Foundation (ESF) does NOT provide insurance and does not take any responsibility for accidents or illnesses that might occur during the week or in the course of travel to or from the meeting place. It is therefore the responsibility of participants to check their health insurance requirements.

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